08 March 2011

Sisterly Camaraderie

Usually when the girls get hurt, they want the person who was farthest away to comfort them. For example, if Mommy is home and Daddy is at work when EC falls down, she wails for Daddy. It works this way when the hurt is not physical, too. If Mommy takes something away from LR, her tantrum is filled with pleas for Daddy to help her out.

An interesting dynamic is developing at our house though. LR is seeking a new kind of comfort when she's in need... she seeks out her big sister. Its touching. And exactly what we had in mind when we decided that two kids would be better than one. We wanted to give our little girl someone to lean on for life. G and I both came from large families - six kids in my family and five in his. We knew that we would never be crazy enough to replicate those numbers, but we really wanted EC to have a sibling because we know just how great siblings are.

I know that this sisterly comfort will eventually develop into the kind of camaraderie that involves sneaking out windows after curfew and commiserating over how evil Mom is for setting a curfew in the first place. However, I don't mind any of that as long as, in the end, they have each other's back.

In the meantime, I can't help but be a little emotional when I see LR go running off to her big sister for a hug and some comforting words. I'm not jealous that she's not coming to Mommy for that hug. I'm so happy that she knows she has more than just her parents to go to for support.

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