01 March 2011

An Introduction...

Let me introduce myself. I am an imperfect mommy. But I am much more than this - a wife, an architect (currently acting as a stay at home mom), a friend, a dancing queen. However, when I'm in the trenches, its difficult to remember I'm anything other than imperfect and a mommy.

I have two beautiful, magical daughters. Toddlers - both of them at the same time. Although, my three-year-old (EC) occasionally channels a teenager and my one-year-old (LR) is still sometimes Mommy's baby. Life is good and hard and adventurous. I never pictured myself being a stay at home mom until I decided to have kids and then it felt like I needed to be home with them if we could somehow contort the budget to allow for all our adventures to take place on one income.

In some ways, life felt much more adventurous before the kids came along... vacations to Costa Rica, sailing with the Tall Ships in Europe, and designing a lab made without any exposed metal for a rather particular professor at an unnamed university. But then I realize that I am never without an amusing anecdote from my zany days spent with the kids.

And so here I am to share those anecdotes. I'm hoping to remember somewhere amidst these entries that I exist as more than mommy - that my talents extend beyond nose-wiping and baby juggling. So, pull up a chair and read along about the Adventures of this Imperfect Mommy. Because I am well aware that I am not the only Imperfect Mommy out there and that sometimes its refreshing to know that.

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