25 April 2011

Through a Child's Eyes

One of the many ways that my kids pay me back for all the diapers I change and all the toys I step on every day is by allowing me to see all the wonders of the holidays through their eyes. Let's face it, for most of us, the magic of Christmas and the Easter Bunny faded long ago. And while giving gifts and baking cookies are nice, it is hard to regain that magical feeling that you had when you believed that Santa ruled the north pole and the Easter Bunny laid chocolate eggs.

Kids allow us to recapture the holidays of our youth. Yesterday, while the girls were running around the house looking for their hidden baskets and through the yard in search of plastic Easter eggs, I was thinking about how much more fun the holidays are now that we have kids to enjoy them with. Sometimes, I get caught up lamenting all the things I can no longer do because I have kids or focusing on how hard my days are chasing toddlers. And then I have a day like yesterday which was way more fun because there were some little people to share it with.

Yes, G and I have enjoyed many Easter Sundays with family eating too much ham and snoozing on the sofa after dinner. However, watching the girls' faces light up when they realized that it was finally Easter morning and that there were stuffed baskets waiting for them somewhere in the house was magical and the mood was contagious. For a few hours at least, the focus was on chocolate bunnies and happy laughter as the girls tried out their new toys. The sister fights were temporarily on hold as they shared their plastic eggs filled with treats. I smiled, knowing that it would all return to normal soon, but that for one day, I would remember what it was like to be a little girl who believed in holiday magic.

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