14 April 2011

Big Girl Bed

LR has been envying her big sister's bed for some time now. She climbs into it at bedtime and crawls under the covers and whines when we put her in her crib instead. At 20 months, she's about 6 weeks shy of when we transitioned EC to a toddler bed, but she has a big sister to emulate, so we thought it might be time to switch. We have a family vacation coming this summer and we're hoping that if we transition her now, she won't have to squeeze her 35" frame into a pack and play.

I ordered a bed to match EC's toddler bed and was so excited when it arrived. I thought that LR would be overjoyed, so I worked through their nap time to assemble it on my own. I couldn't wait to show her the new bed. When she woke up, I walked her into the living room and she was very happy to see it until she realized that she'd have to give up her crib in trade. She started wailing. This was not going according to plan and I was reminded that my kids are very different and will never act the same in a given situation. EC was thrilled with a big girl bed and more than ready to say goodbye to her crib. Good thing, too because we had a little sister on the way that needed it!

There was difficulty transitioning EC, but considering that she was a toddler who really liked to sleep, it was pretty easy overall. I do remember a horrifying story of her getting her fingers caught in the drawer and screaming for half an hour before I realized that she was hurt and not just putting off going to sleep. Bad mommy!

LR, on the other hand, has decided that this new found freedom is really a license to get into all sorts of trouble. She's emptied the diaper pail, taken all the clothes out of her drawers, climbed the bookshelf, and unplugged the fan. This girl is mischief in a way that her sister never was at this age. LR is also intent on making EC her partner in crime when they are put to bed at the same time. Poor EC just wants to go to sleep!

So, they cry and they wail and they make us question whether or not to set the crib back up. However, I know that we have to face this sooner or later. The freedom will be new and exciting whether we transition her now or a year from now. She'll be just as mischievous when she's two or three - maybe more so. For now, I'm stuck listening to the wailing and refolding all the clothes in the dresser several times a day, knowing that what I'm really listening to is my little girl growing up.

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